Sparkles and smiles since 1995

how it all began...

Mopheads are a family run business providing domestic cleaning and ironing services to the Solihull, Knowle, Dorridge, Shirley, Dickens Heath, Hall Green, Moseley, Acocks Green, Sheldon and Yardley areas

How it all began…

Mopheads was started with three people plus three cars in December 1995.

From delivering leaflets to delivering staff it was every person to the pumps every day, evening weekends and bank holidays. (Very small children were included in the schedule)

The ironing was Kim’s fault – he dreamed that up one weekend and we said OK lets try it – so we did.  We had no ironers – just us ! Even Kim was made to iron late into the night until we realised he had taken 40 minutes to iron a sheet and we thought that no one will pay that !  Gradually we took on ladies to iron – we even bought them ironing boards and took ours home!

Our shifts still went on late into the night and it was nothing to see a sleeping baby in a car seat next to a linen basket.

An exciting moment came when we bought our first mini bus and actually employed a driver to go with it.  Later we even bought vacuum cleaners, feather dusters, vans and people carriers.

We weathered storms like the petrol crisis and the financial crash – when our staff decided to work share to save jobs. The same spirit they bring to birthdays and charity fund-raising, with nights out featuring large on the calendar.